Alexandria Dev Update #3

We are on track to have the core network functionality all working with the full header chain available on the network by the beginning of Q1 2021.

The next 2-3 weeks will be spent hardening the client to improve stability and expanding our test network towards a network capable of hosting the full header chain.

Content Management

All of the functionality has been written and merged for the client to manage content.  Content is divided into two categories:

  • Commons: The content the client gathers and mirrors from the network (this represents most content on the network).  Clients allocate a fixed amount of storage space for this content.  This content is subject to eviction if more interesting content is found.
  • Pinned: The content that has been manually added to the client.  This content is not subject to eviction.

The client manages both of these content types, ensuring that advertisements are periodically broadcast to the network.

The client actively collects content into its "commons" database as it encounters new content via advertisement gossip.

Content Transmission

Content transmission is fully functional.  A client can lookup advertisements for a specific key to find the nodes that should have the content.  The client then retrieves the content from those nodes in provable pieces, re-assembling it locally.

The client now handles incoming advertisements, validating them, storing them, and serving them when location requests are received.

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