The Aperture - vol. 3

"The Aperture" is a recurring series covering the development of the Portal Network

Welcome to the third volume of "The Aperture".  This series covers the development efforts surrounding the Portal Network.


Portal Network Deep Dive Talk

Watch my (Piper) talk on the Portal Network from Episode 52 of PEEPanEIP.  Big thanks to Pooja for hosting.

Testnet focus

We continue to be focused on building out a live testnet.  Progress towards this is happening in small steps.  Each of the clients has implemented the majority of the Portal Wire Protocol.  Teams are now shifting focus towards establishing the overlay networks and managing their routing tables.


Thanks to the Fluffy team we now have a small suite of test vectors for message encoding which are passing in all of the clients.

Additionally, the Trin team is working on ethportal-peertest which is a cross client testing tool aimed at testing the high level functionality of each client.  Read more about it here