The Aperture - vol. 4

"The Aperture" is a recurring series covering the development of the Portal Network

Welcome to the fourth volume of "The Aperture".  This series covers the development efforts surrounding the Portal Network.


Public Test Network

We now have a plan in place for a phased rollout of our test network.  We are expecting to have the initial phase deployed by the end of the year which will establish the basic overlay network.

Storage, Processing, and Bandwidth

Research has begun on projecting the individual storage, processing, and bandwidth requirements for each network.  We have run these numbers in various ways leading up till now, but not in a formal way.

Four Fours

EIP-4444 continues to gain support, proposing that the DevP2P ETH network drop support for serving and retrieval of ancient chain history.  The Chain History network portion of the Portal Network is designed for this exact use case.  Becasue of this, we have shifted our primary focus from the State network, prioritizing the Chain History network now that there is a more immediate demand for it.