Trin Development Update #2

tl:dr; utp, overlay networks, and chugging along towards eth_getBalance support.

Check out the trin repo.

Dev update pt 1.

Portal Network specification.

trin is en route to becoming a functional Portal Network client. Some members of the CDAP program have joined the effort and have all done an incredible job of getting up to speed with the specs and contributing code to the codebase. Some of the major steps recently accomplished on our way to establishing Trin as a full Portal Network client..

  • Support for UTP. Required for transmitting data that exceeds UDP packet size.
  • Overlay Network and Protocol implementation for chain history and state networks.
  • General architecture refactor, to support joining any combination of subnetworks.

Current development efforts include..

  • A general database strategy and logic that can be shared amongst the various subnetworks.
  • Testnet infrastructure.
  • A testing harness to develop against that ensures protocol compliance.
  • Bridge node design & implementation.

A major milestone we're developing towards is supporting the eth_getBalance JSON-RPC API endpoint. This requires a functional test-net with history and state network support. It will be the simplest version of what is needed to achieve minimal functionality, but it encapsulates a lot of the logic that is needed for a full portal client.

If you would like to help out, you can join the conversation on the #portal-network channel on Eth R&D Discord, or join our weekly calls, Tuesdays @ 3PM UTC.